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Life happens everyday and we don't want you to face it alone. We are a church made up of real people, leading people toward a real Jesus. We hope that you will come to one of our services and join a small group to experience for yourself the relevant teaching for every stage of life.


Church Family and Friends,

April 22, 2021. Thank you for praying for Charlee Belle Richards's family. Have you ever heard the term, "I could feel your prayers?" Yesterday I could, and I know the family could as well. God provided strength and comfort. Thanks to all of you for praying.

I heard a story at a conference about a man that went to church one night. He went down front and said, I have a drinking problem, I have a smoking problem, and I am a very selfish and impatient person. People were amazed at his honesty. He said I want you to pray for me. Most people shook their heads in agreement. He said I don't think you understand. I said I am selfish and impatient. I want you to pray for me right now. Several people came forward and prayed for him. He was making his way to his car, and three people came to him and said, "We are going to pray for your every day this week. We are going to ask God to take away your desire to drink and smoke." He smiled and thanked them. He was amazed because that week, he had no desire to drink or smoke. He got into some rough situations with friends, and he did not drink. He went back to church and shared that he could feel their prayers working. He quit drinking and smoking because of what happened that week. I have always said prayer makes a difference. Most of the time, when I pray, it makes a difference in me. We must never forget our prayers can make a difference in the life of others.

Bro. Tim


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