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Post COVID-19 effects on Sunday School & How to Re-engage your class.

I have had conversations with other small group leaders of other churches. I have read many articles on the subject of "Post Covid-19 effects on small groups". I personally talked with or read where small group leaders are not back 100%. There are so many speculations to why and I'm really tired of the discussion. What I would like to focus in on is what or how to move forward.

This is not exhaustive but here are 6 ways to re-engage your class.

  1. Pray for them. Write them down in front of you during your prayer/devotion time and pray for each of them by name.

  2. Fellowships - this doesn't have to be total class participation, you could create a schedule and schedule one night every two weeks or once a month with the couples or family that have not made it back to class or church.

  3. Take them their Sunday School Material. A loving and friendly visit always tells someone you care.

  4. Call, text or email them periodically. Create a text or email group and share the highlights of the lesson. It's also a good way to create a good study discipline of studying early and avoiding the Saturday night special.

  5. What ever you, don't I mean don't give up on them! Assume they will be back and praise the Lord when they do.

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